the question is, what don’t we do?

  • Create file in broker’s transaction management system
  • Review & ensure all documents are fully ratified with proper dates, initials, signatures and obtain broker signature on required documents
  • We DO NOT write up Listings, RPA, Counter/s, Addendum/s or Repair Requests
  • Provide / Obtain disclosures to / from co-op for signatures
  • Upload all disclosures, documents and reports into online file
  • Open escrow: Introduce my role, obtain file number, request wiring instructions to be sent to buyer, obtain Prelim, Escrow & Commission Instructions
  • Enter all contingency dates into the transaction management service software which will provide reminders to agents
  • Track the escrow timeframes for receipt of earnest money deposit, delivery and return of escrow packages and that ALL demands are ordered / received on time
  • Update status changes in MLS (Listing) – Agent to provide property condition – We DO NOT enter the initial listing into MLS
  • Ensure your buyer receives a copy of all reports and booklets that are provided and/or required
  • Order Home Warranty – Agent or client to provide desired coverage information
  • Work with co-op to schedule inspections including home, termite and appraisal
  • Order Resale Package/s (Listing) or verify packages are ordered in a timely manner. ¬†Once obtained send to co-op or buyer along with CIC Receipt/s
  • Maintain communication with all parties throughout the transaction for status updates as well as items needing attention or that are outstanding to ensure a smooth and successful closing
  • Assist with scheduling clients signing appointment
  • Obtain / provide ratified walk through from / to buyer or buyer’s agent
  • We offer a low rate per transaction, paid after we close